25 Years ago diana shook the monarchy

25 years ago diana shook the monarchy

With a single interview 25 years ago, princess diana shook the british monarchy to its foundations.

More than 200 million people around the world watched on television as the hubbub and popular diana chatted frankly and freely about the emotional coldness at court and the infidelity of her husband prince charles. Even worse: she said that heir to the throne charles is probably not suitable for the "top job" – that is, to be king. It would have been better if son william had later directly married elizabeth ii. To the throne succession.

Diana had been separated from her husband, who had a long affair with camilla parker bowles, for three years. "I don’t want a divorce," diana said in the BBC interview on 20. November 1995. But she wants clarity. "I am waiting for my husband’s decision on the path we should take."Camilla was the reason for the failure of her marriage? "Well, there were three of us in our marriage. That was a bit much," said the princess.

Diana’s words were unusually frank. "I liked to be queen in the hearts of the people. But I do not see myself as queen of this country."But she also lashed out: "I don’t think many people want me to be queen. I mean especially the establishment I married into. For them I am a failure."

She rejected accusations that she wanted to destroy the monarchy. "Why should i destroy something that secures the future of my children?? I will fight for my children at all levels."She herself wanted to become a kind of special ambassador for her country.

The 34-year-old also admitted to having had an affair herself: she had sought solace with riding instructor james hewitt and was ultimately disappointed by his indiscretions. The relationship has gone beyond the limits of friendship, she said. "I adored him. Yes, I was in love with him."She also reported self-injuries – cuts in arms and legs – and bulimia.

The interview had consequences. Only a month later it became known that the queen was in favor of a quick divorce of the couple. Charles agreed and sweetly declared through his spokesman: "the prince does not intend to marry again."

The monarch was reportedly upset that her daughter-in-law doubted charles’ suitability for the throne. Diana’s secretly arranged television appearance was seen as a breach of trust with the royal family.

Royals’ approval ratings plummeted after interview, polls show. The fact that diana fought for the well-being of her "boys" harry and william, then 11 and 13 years old, and "didn’t want to disappear quietly" loved her rise in favor with the brits.

Psychologists saw in her an ideal identification figure for frustrated women: she had always tried to do everything right, without being thanked for it. She had also combined the "women’s fight" with a charming charisma. The editor-in-chief of the tabloid "sun" even praised diana as a cross between a supermodel and mother teresa.

Critics, on the other hand, called the princess with the shy look a calculating woman. Nicholas soames, a friend of charles and then secretary of state at the ministry of defense, spoke of the "spectacle of an alleged sacrificial lamb bordering on paranoia". Whether good or bad, the interview was a resounding slap in the face for the royal family. The winner of the scandal, however, was the BBC, which sold the interview in more than 100 countries.

Diana’s brother, charles spencer, accuses the journalist martin bashir of having obtained the interview with his sister by unfair means, such as falsified bank statements. These were intended to give the impression that people had been paid to reveal information about diana. The accusations are taken "very seriously," said BBC chief tim davie, announcing an independent investigation. To be headed by lord dyson, a former supreme court justice.

Prince william (38) called the announced investigation a "step in the right direction," according to kensington palace. Bashir himself could not be interviewed at first for health reasons. According to the sender, he is still suffering from the consequences of a covid-19 disease and a heart surgery.

Much has happened since the interview 25 years ago. Despite prince charles’ protestations that he would never marry again, many years later he did tie the knot with camilla, who had previously been derided by the british press as a rottweiler. Charles, once criticized as snobbish, and camilla are now held in high regard by most brits. They are considered down-to-earth and support charitable causes.

Princess diana’s life, on the other hand, was short-lived. Less than two years after the spectacular interview, she was killed in a car accident with her beloved dodi al-fayed in a parisian tunnel, pursued by paparazzi.

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